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Dominations Hack - Online Generator Tool

Our most advanced dominations free gold generator tool has arrived. Try the latest version of our browser-based online tool today and impress all of your friends with amazing highscores rankings – free of charge.

We have spent months developing this tool so that you can generate an unlimited amount of free gold, food and crowns. This will save you countless hours of boring gameplay and get straight into the action with all your friends.

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Some of the best reasons to use our online generator tool

Updated regularly

We are constantly updating our algorithms in order for it to work with the latest version of the dominations servers. This means that you will always be safe when using our tool.


Our dominations hack has one of the best anti-detection algorithms built-in. This means that we will only process your account if we believe it wont be detected by the game servers.

Free forever

We will always keep our domination cheats free of charge forever. Therefore you do not have to pay a single penny when using our online tool.

Easy to use

We have spent months developing our current online generator tool for you to easily obtain unlimited dominations free gold.

Browser based

Our tool is developed so that it can be used on any web-browsers. Therefore you do not have to worry about downloading any sort of malicous tool.

Fast Algorithm

Our online generator tool is not only advanced but it is also extremely fast. We can process thousands of user requests on our web-based generator tool simultaneously!

What is dominations cheats?

An explanation of what the dominations game is and how our online tool works

Dominations is an amazing combat strategy game that was developed by the BigHugeGames’ studios. They are a small team of game developers who are passionate about creating beautiful games which people can play around the world. It was developed to be a mobile game which can currently be played using any smartphone device with the android or iOS mobile operating systems. It is a free game which you can start playing today!

Our web-based online dominations cheats tool was created because we thought that playing the game could noramlly was very tedious and sometimes boring. We thought that instead of spending most of your time trying to obtain raw materials – gold, food and crowns – you can be playing the combat strategy part of the game with all of your friends.

We have spent a very long amount of time trying to figure out a safe and easy way for you to be able to generate an unlimited amount of dominations free gold. During our research we managed to find a simple programming technique which can be used to safely modify the game servers in order to give any account an unlimited amount of free gold, food and crowns!

However, this programming technique which uses a kernal operation required a very high level of programming knowledge to be able to gain root access to the terminal of the game servers. This mean’t that many people would not have been able to use this method on their own accounts without risking a ban. This mean’t that we had to develop some extremely complicated algorithms which would allow anyone to use this technique without having any programming knowledge or experience.

So after months of hard work and hundreds of cups of coffe, we managed to create a very fast, effiecient and easy to use browser based application which would do all of the hard work for you. This is where our free online dominations hack tool was born. All the user has to do is select their device – Android or iOS- and then enter their details to generate the amount of gold, food or crowns that is required.

During our development process we were determined that our application will be avaliable for anyone to use free of charge. Even though this may sound like a simple decision for us to make, it was extremely hard to implement. It has mean’t that we develop and advanced human verification system which should stop any sort of bot or automation software from being able to access our tool. It is a simple step which only needs to be performed once. It requires the user of our tool to prove they are human before we use our algorithms to generate their items.

I hope that you enjoy using our online generator tool and that you share it with you friends and family so that everyone can enjoy playing the dominations game without spending countless hours trying to obtain the raw materials which are crutial.


Read what other users of our tool have said about us

Mary Lawson

Dominations Player

At first I was very sceptical about using this online tool, but I gave it a try anyways. It was the best decision I made to be honest. I used to spend hours trying to get just a few crowns, but with this tool I instantly got 10,000 free crowns!

John Edwards

Dominations Player

I want to just say thank you for creating such an amazing tool, it has truely saved me days of wasting time. I managed to make my best friend jealous as I managed to get very high in the rankings without wasting hours. Thanks again.

Paul Adkins

Dominations Player

I am going to tell all of my friends about this tool, it was really easy to use. I can’t believe that someone would giving such an amazing tool away for free! I wish I could donate some money to you, with this tool I can enjoy the game now.